Big Brother 2013: Day 24 highlights and recap


Day 24 in the Big Brother UK house saw a fake double eviction and the secret safe house revealed.

• It’s fake eviction day. Two of the housemates will re-enter and live in the luxurious secret safe house, as well as given immunity from next week’s nominations.
• Sophie gives Joe a haircut.
• Whilst preparing breakfast, Jack reveals to Jackie that this is the first time he’s ever cooked sausages. Jackie admits it’s ‘hard work cooking for this lot’.
• Dexter says he’s enjoyed his time in the house and Gina says she wants to leave in style and may pay someone to unpack her bags. Gina tells Dan if she goes tonight she will book into a hotel for a month.
• Dan tells Sam that he thinks Callum’s reason for nominating him is weak.
• Dexter tells his housemates that if he goes he will miss them and that he has a soft spot for everyone.

• Jack and Joe start arguing over breakfast. Jack tells Joe that he’s rude for not saying thank you to him and Jackie for making breakfast. Joe argues that you normally say thank you at the end of a meal. The twins continue to bicker, causing the other housemates to laugh.
• Sophie is called into the diary room for today’s task: In Your Face. She is told that BOTS viewers would like an up close and personal look of her face. Meanwhile, Big Brother delivered instructions to the rest of the house to reveal that Sophie’s task is a secret and that housemates must try and provoke various responses from Sophie. Sophie re-enters the house with a camera strapped to her head.
• First up, Jack and Joe must make her laugh. They successfully do so by pretending to bicker. Next up, Hazel and Dan must get Sophie to confess who she would most likely want to kiss in the house, they play snog, marry and avoid. Sophie answers: marry Joe, kiss Jack and avoid Dan.
• Jackie and Charlie are next in turn and they have to make Sophie yawn. They do so by telling her boring stories and yawning in front of her. Next up, Gina and Wolfy must embarrass Sophie with a lie about her personal hygiene. The pair tells her that she passes wind in her sleep.
• Daley and Sam need to make Sophie jump; they do so by jumping out at her from the toilet dressed in bin bags. Lastly, Callum and Dexter must annoy Sophie and make lose her temper. The duo start arguing in the bedroom in front of Sophie, Dexter throws a glass of water over Callum and then tells him that Sophie thinks he’s a scumbag and creeps everyone out. Sophie shouts ‘NO I NEVER!’
• Housemates are then called to the sofas where Big Brother reveals the secret task to Sophie’s amusement. The house successfully passed the task and rewarded with afternoon tea. Dexter announces that Sophie never talked about Callum and that it was a lie.
• In the bedroom, Wolfy gives Sam a relaxing massage.
• Dan thinks Wolfy is fake and going to be evicted. Jack and Joe said that when she was talking to the animals they told her she was going to be safe. Dan says it’s not a bad thing if Gina goes as she doesn’t always interact with the group.
• Its eviction time, Dan, Wolfy, Gina and Dexter start to get ready. Dan says he’s nervous and Wolfy is confident she’s not going anywhere.
• Housemates are gathered on the sofas. Hazel believes it’s a double eviction. Dan tells Hazel if Wolfy stays not to trust her, be wary and that he isn’t being bi*chy.
• Emma Willis reveals that Gina is the third housemate to be ‘evicted’. Gina leaves the house and told by Emma on the stage that it is a fake eviction; that the public have been voting to send her back into the house. She is sent to the diary room where she waits for the next housemate and instructions from Big Brother. Housemates applaud her as she leaves to cheers from the audience.
• Emma talks live again to the house, to announce it’s a double eviction. She reveals that Dexter is the ‘fourth housemate’ to be evicted. Dan says ‘I don’t get that at all’. Dexter leaves the house and told by Emma on the stage that it is a fake eviction, and that the public have been voting to send him back in. An overcome Dexter is sent to the diary room where he waits with Gina for instructions from Big Brother.
• In the diary room, Gina and Dexter are told that they will be sent to the luxurious secret safe house, have the power to create havoc in the house and immune from next week’s nominations. They are both very pleased. They enter their new house and straight away put on the headphones to listen to the house, whilst drinking champagne.
• Hazel and Dan pick up on the negative chants that Wolfy received. Hazel says she didn’t dislike Gina. Gina and Dexter are listening in; Gina announces that Hazel is jealous.
• Daley and Hazel are talking in the garden. Dexter reveals to Hazel he saw up her dress. Gina and Dexter are listening in via the safe room; Dexter comments that Hazel looks like she’s put on weight.
• Dan is celebrating in the bedroom chanting: ‘DAN IS STILL HERE!’
• Hazel and Jack are talking about Wolfy. He says she is funny but also arrogant. They both agree that they thought Dexter was arrogant at first.

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