Big Brother 2013: Gina and Dexter don't like what they see from the safe house!


Big Brother 2013 housemates Gina and Dexter aren't overly keen on what they're seeing from the comfort of their safe house.

Last night, Gina and Dexter became the two housemates sent to Big Brother’s secret safe house where they will live a life of luxury.

The couple will secretly live under their housemates’ noses watching their every move, and will be immune from next week’s nominations. Gina and Dexter will have access to a power shower and will each have their own double bed and sunken bath.

Watching to some of the housemates' chats this format, the pair first overheard Jack and Hazel discussing Wolfy.

"I do find Wolfy quite funny but when I saw her getting arrogant..." Jack began.

"A bit of dislike set in?" Hazel suggested.

Jack added: "I don't want to start arguments wit her, but I don't want to say to her you're arrogant."

From the safe room, Dexter remarked: "If she's up next week she'll be gone, 100%, me and you can't be nominated, if she's up she's gone, coffin nailed."

The pair also criticsed Jackie after seeing her with Dan, with Gina raging: "I don't like her, at all. She was immature, childish and a **** during face to face nominations."

Dexter agreed: "Because she didn't get put up and my vote didn't count, she's got extra confidence now."

Gina and Dexter also claimed that Hazel was becoming a "snake" around Daley, as they watched her follow him around the house flirting with the boxer.

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