Big Brother 2013: Gina and Dexter to take over the house!

Gina Rio (Big Brother 2013)

Gina Rio and Dexter Koh will take over the Big Brother 201 house today as part of a new task.

Last night, Gina and Dexter became the two housemates sent to Big Brother’s secret safe house where they will live a life of luxury.

The couple will secretly live under their housemates’ noses watching their every move, and will be immune from next week’s nominations. Gina and Dexter will have access to a power shower and will each have their own double bed and sunken bath.

Today, the remaining housemates in the main house will be told that the viewers have taken control of the house as part of Big Brother's Viewer's Takeover.

The group will be informed that us viewers have had the chance to vote on certain situations, tasks and housemates.

Scenarios will include which two Housemates should be sent to jail for the day, who should clean the House from top to bottom and which two Housemates should receive a cake and a bottle of wine as a treat.

Of course, in reality, it'll be Gina and Dexter making all the decisions from the comfort of their safe house.

But if housemates must comply fully with all of the instructions, they will be able to earn themselves a takeaway for the whole House.

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