Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio and Dexter Koh settle in to secret house

Dexter Koh (Big Brother 2013)

Big Brother 2013 housemates Gina Rio and Dexter Koh have been settling into their new home.

Last night, Gina and Dexter became the two housemates sent to Big Brother’s secret safe house where they will live a life of luxury.

The couple will secretly live under their housemates’ noses watching their every move, and will be immune from next week’s nominations. Gina and Dexter will have access to a power shower and will each have their own double bed and sunken bath.

Speaking to Big Brother via a phone in the room, Dexter said: "I'm going to spend my week watching and listening to getting as much information as I can to find out out who's true, and that will help with the rest of my Big Brother experience and journey."

Together with Gina, the pair quickly sat down to snoop, and loved every minute of what they saw.

"It's so weird at looking at what the public see... I want to see Diary Rooms" Dexter said.

"I want to see how I look!" Gina remarked.

But in the main house, Dan wasn't convinced that the pair had really been evicted.

"Something's not right... something's still not right," he said.

Tune into Big Brother tonight, 10pm on Channel 5 for the latest from the house.

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