Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio snaps with Wolfy Millington's 'arrogant' attitude


Gina Rio isn't likely the new Wolfy in the Big Brother UK house.

Speaking in the Diary Room tonight, Wolfy is seen once again confident of avoiding eviction, having previously declared she would make the final.

“Genuinely, I don’t think I’m going nowhere. I think possibly Dan, because its come across I’m upset with him interrogating me like daily. I don’t think that is going to look good," she told Big Brother. "Gina I don’t know she has already been saved twice. She’s really fun she did the knife throwing thing and that is going to go in her favour. Dexter, people love the entertainment he brings I just hope people would prefer my comedy. It will be a close one but I’m not worried.”

Even outside the Diary Room, Wolfy hasn't been hiding arrogance, and it's winding up her fellow housemates.

Talking to Big Brother, Gina says: “Just annoyed by Wolfy. I just don’t like her. I really don’t like the way she acts. I feel like ever since the public was chanting her name when Sallie left the other day she got really big headed.

"It was just noticeable to everyone else in the house they were just all disgusted by her. She got louder and she actually changed and she is getting really cocky now saying she is safe and that she is going to win the show. I don’t want Dan to go or Dexter to go but Wolfy she is not a nice person. I don’t think she should stay.”

Meanwhile, a nervous Dan is seen telling BB: "Its Thursday today though the weeks are starting to go quickly, its Friday tomorrow eviction night. I really really don’t want to go; I don’t think any of us are safe at all although some people think they are.

"Wolfy thinks not only is she safe but she thinks she’s gonna win which is a bold statement to make and fair play to her if that’s what she’s believing, we will see. I just don’t want to go!”

Big Brother airs at 9PM tonight on Channel 5.

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