Big Brother 2013: Dan Neal feels he's been cheated by housemates


With an apparent Big Brother eviction looming, Dan Neal has confessed he fears leaving tonight.

The copper is up for eviction alongside Gina, Dexter and Wolfy this week, although we know that none of them will actually be evicted.

Rather, two of the four will be voted into a secret safe house to spy on their fellow housemates, who will be led to believe the pair have been evicted.

With the housemates all expecting an eviction, Dan confessed this afternoon: "I'm not nervous yet, probably when I start getting ready I'll be getting nervous. I just don't want to go yet, it's just too soon, too soon. I feel a little bit cheated."

He confided in Sam: "If I don't get evicted, whatever, but if I do, I'll feel like I've been robbed, to be honest, I don't.... I'd be very disappointed... but you can't do anything about it can you?

"There's four people up, so if only one goes and it's me then the public don't want me to be here and that's fine, but I think two will go. You never know..."

Sam suggested: "There's probably something happening tonight that hasn't happened before, I'm just trying to think about what it could be."

Dan had his own ideas: "I think I know... I still think that Wolfy is an actor... or she works for the TV company. I think possibly, possibly... I'm going to sound stupid if I'm wrong, but because she's an actor or mole, her nomination on me won't count so I'm not really up. Gina or Dexter will go and then Wolfy will go, it's a double eviction... in my head it makes sense and it could happen. "

So close, Dan, so close...

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