Big Brother 2013: Eviction worries for the housemates


The Big Brother 2013 housemates still think there's an eviction tonight, even if we know otherwise...

Dan, Dexter, Gina and Wolfy were all nominated on Monday and believe at least one of them will be leaving tonight.

In fact, two of them will leave, but they'll only be going as far as the safe house next door, although none of the housemates know that just yet.

With his possible exit looming, Dan hasn't been a happy bunny so far.

Charlie and Jackie had to confront the crying copper last night, telling him: "You're addictive to be around which is why you won't be going, in my heart of hearts. I'd go as far to say 100% you won't be going [tonight]."

Meanwhile, Dexter and Charlie predicted a big twist.

"I think it's going to be so shocking [tonight]," Dex began. "If it's a double, it's gong to be a shock. Either way, it'll be a shock. I think it'll be one predictable one, and one unpredictable one, that's my gut feeling.

"I don't feel like we've been through the worst of it yet, there's more to come," remarked Charlie.

Dexter agreed: "If you think wants happened in just the last three weeks... if they're thrown that in so early..."

"What will they throw in come six weeks in?" Charlie said, completing Dexter's sentences. "There's going to be a huge twist I reckon, like Michael. You don't just give away your huge twist at the beginning"

Watch tonight's big twist unfold live from 9PM on Channel 5!

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