Big Brother 2013: Dexter Koh has a "big secret" to reveal


Big Brother 2013 housemate Dexter Koh has claimed he has a "big secret" to reveal to his fellow housemates.

Speaking to Charlie and Hazel in the smoking area last night, Dexter suggested he would bee keeping his "shocking revelaton" to himself unless he stayed in tonight's eviction.

Of course, we all know that none of the nominated housemates are going anywhere, with two of the four being voted into a safe house in a special twist.

But convinced he's about to get chucked out of the house, Dexter confided: "Have you ever really wanted to say something that's not bad, but you still can't say it in here?"

He explained to the girls: "It's just a certain thing that would change how my whole time, but there's no point because I'm going on Friday. It could either by very, very good... or it could be taken either way.

"It's not offensive, but some people will respect it and some people won't. I'm a little bit sort of skeptical."

Pressed on just what his secret involved, Dexter revealed: "It's not necessarily feelings, it's just something I was never going to dream of saying, but because of the things that have happened... it's a shocking revelation about me."

What do you reckon Dex's big secret is? Or is he just trying to get attention?

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