Big Brother 2013: Sophie Lawrence sent to jail for nominations talk


Big Brother 2013 housemate Sophie Lawrence has become the latest of this year's group to be sent to jail.

It follows yet another nomination rule break after the face to face nominations on Monday.

While the group are currently allowed to speak about those nominations, they are still banned from discussing future and past nominations.

This evening Big Brother gathered the group to reveal that their luxury shopping was now ready to collect, but made a surprise second announcement.

"Today at 8:28 pm, in a conversation with Jack and Wolfy, Sophie said the following: 'Does it ever get to the point where you stat nominate the people you like?

"'Cause I don't know think I'd ever nominate yous.'"

For her rule break Sophie was sent to jail until further notice, and banned from eating any of the luxury food until freed.

With Sophie now joining Hazel, Gina and Dan on their first strike, maybe they'll keep quiet after Big Brother went tough on Dexter earlier in the week.

After speaking about nominations again (having only just been released from jail), Big Brother voided Dexter's nominations on Monday night.

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