Big Brother 2013: Daley Ojuederie, Hazel O’Sullivan - showmance or romance?


The relationship between Big Brother housemates Daley and Hazel is the focus of tonight's show.

Speaking at the top of the episode to Big Brother in the Diary Room, Hazel says: "Daley is not involved in drama, he is the only one that nobody has an issue with, he hasn’t fallen out with anybody.

"I kind of go to him when the rest of the house is going crazy and arguing about stupid things. He is very real and he doesn’t take it all on board, kind of laughs, it off so it’s nice to sit down beside someone that’s kind of going, let it go, let it go. Because I tend to be the person who kind of, if I’m at a certain stage I get really riled up and it gets the better of me so it’s nice in that sense to have someone in the house who has logic and is nice and calm and bring it back to a real level. So I am glad he is in the house actually it’s a nice bit of real.”

But Hazel's flirting with Daley has the other housemates gossiping.

Joe tells BB: “Hazel is talking to Daley a lot more recently and she is kind of keeping herself to herself and with Charlie. She used to spend a lot of time with Dan and she doesn’t anymore. It literally seemed to happen overnight.

"It's really strange, when you say it, it’s strange. Why would they stop talking? It makes no sense maybe she did take the warning I gave her; I only said they should stop whispering to each other because if you whisper you have something to hide. Let’s be honest.”

But Daley and Hazel made fun of the chatter, with Daley telling her “All eyes, all eyes.”

Hazel replies “Yeah. I’m getting really sick of it to be honest. I feel like I can’t speak to you again today.

"Yeah well it was nice knowing you. I am sure we will see each other in passing…I don’t know whether you’re more the issue over both of us I think it might be... you get me?””

Daley continues: “But that’s stupid. Because we look like idiots, I was thinking I should stay away from you.

"The thing is you are stuck in this house 24/7 you can’t help who you get on with. If we did avoid each other then you can win because people would think stuff even more.”

Hazel “That’s my point, I get on with you. I like sitting with you so we can’t avoid each other we have a kitchen, a garden and a bedroom. I like hanging out with you because you’re cool.”

She adds: “I don’t particularly want to like have to satisfy anyone else in here and avoid you. Just to entertain them or to satisfy them."

Day 21 saw the BBUK housemates complete their latest shopping task, winning a luxury shopping budget.

Dan puts mascara on to fill in the gaps in his beard.

Jack and Joe argue over who gets to go in the shower first.

Jackie discusses with Dan in the kitchen about how he is feeling after being emotional the night before.

Charlie, Dexter and Daley take part in another mini task for 30% of the budget; they fail to guess enough answers correctly.

Two peas in a pod task takes place with Dan and Sam taking part. They manage to catch six peas in the allotted time and pass the task to win another 30% of the shopping task. The housemates now have 60% of their weekly shopping budget.

Jackie and Dan are in the kitchen dreaming of food.

Gina is called to the diary room to be told about the final part of this week’s shopping task. Gina must be strapped to a spinning wheel and believe that she is having knives thrown at her to pass the task. Gina passes the task and stays on the wheel for the duration.

Housemates choose their shopping on a tablet.

Dan and Hazel clear the air after a few days of not speaking to each other.

Daley and Dan discuss Wolfy’s answer to her question in the diary room about why she thinks she will win the show.

Callum tells Dexter that he should trust him because he will see when he gets out that Callum has always backed him up.

Big Brother UK airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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