Big Brother 2013: Wolfy Millington's animal talking claims to be tested!


Big Brother has set a special task for Wolfy Millington in the house today.

Wolfy’s claims that she can talk to animals are put to the test as she is challenged to discover secrets the other housemates have shared with some furry friends.

Wolfy will first be asked to give the other housemates a master class in how to talk to animals. Then, one by one, they will all head out to the garden where Big Brother is keeping three friendly animals – Brian the emu, Mr Tops the giant rabbit, and Margaret the oyster. All housemates (apart from Wolfy) must each share a secret out loud with one of these animals before they return to the sofas.

Once all the housemates have shared their secrets with their chosen animal, Wolfy’s real task will be revealed. Wolfy will then talk to the animals and convince them to reveal the other housemates’ secrets to her. Big Brother will ask her to reveal three housemates’ secrets. She will win one reward for each of the three secrets she has correctly learnt from the animals.

The task will air on tomorrow night's highlights from 9PM on Channel 5.

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