Big Brother 2013 housemates worried by Daley Ojuederie's flirting with Hazel O’Sullivan


The Big Brother 2013 housemates have admitted concern over Daley Ojuederie's flirting with Hazel O’Sullivan.

Having been seemingly silent for the first three weeks, Daley's first air time on the telly hasn't been going well for him.

The supposedly loved up boxer was seen flirting with Irish model Hazel last night, apparently with no regards for his girlfriend.

A concerned Callum and Sam agreed they should talk to him, with Callum remarking from the bedroom: "He's pissed, we need to look after him. Tomorrow we'll have a word with him, as friends."

"He might think we're just jealous" suggested Sam.

"Nah, he'll take it on the chin," Callum insisted.

But before the pair had a chance to speak to Daley, Charlie had already decided to also confront him.

"We're locked in here 24/7 like animals, so anything they see on the outside is different to the inside," Daley explained to her after she expressed her fears.

Admitting it would look bad, Daley continued: "We're in here for 24 hours a day, I'm not with Hazel for 24 hours, but something that happens for just a few minutes in here is what people will see."

However he insisted that his girlfriend would be fine: "Someone who don't give a s**t about their person on the outside would've done something by now, even a peck on the lips, but even though I'm as drunk as ****, I'd never let these lips go on hazel. I don't even think I'd kiss her on the cheek."

Daley added: "We're in the house, it's banter, I get on with Hazel, so to everyone, it's going to look like there's something more."

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