Big Brother 2013: Wolfy Millington reckons she 'deserves to win'


An ever confident Wolfy Millingon has claimed she deserves to win Big Brother 2013.

Wolfy hasn't been shy about predicting her survival from eviction this week, although we now know she isn't actually facing the axe anyway.

Still under the impression the public are voting to evict one of her, Dan, Gina and Dexter, Wolfy said previously. "Everyone knows I’m going to make it to the final. I’m so chilled. I know I ain’t going nowhere.”

Speaking on the show last night, Wolfy continued to show no signs of subtly when she was quizzed by Big Brother about making the final.

She told BB in the Diary Room: "I feel that genuinely I've wanted this experience my whole life. I feel like there's never been someone who's been labeled a 'freak' or an 'outcast' who has won. Genuinely... I feel I deserve it."

Wolfy, who was tipped for the axe on Friday night before the revelation of the safe room twist, continued: "I feel a lot of people would spend all the money and do nothing worthwhile with it, while I've never had that money so it would be life changing."

She added to Big Brother: "Even if the show was without the money I would still want to win it just for the experience it feels ace."

Big Brother UK airs nightly on Channel 5.

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