Big Brother 2013 secret: Two housemates to enter 'secret safe house' after fake eviction

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Big Brother's Big Secret has been revealed, with a huge twist this Friday night.

This Friday Big Brother's Secrets and Lies continues, with the Big Brother Secret Safe House.

On Monday night, Gina, Dexter, Wolfy and Dan were put up for eviction after the housemates nominated live and face to face.

However, none of the four will actually face eviction.

Instead, from tonight, we'll be voting for two of them to enter a secret safe house.

The pair will be seemingly evicted by the public on Friday night in a fake double eviction, but will actually remain in the house.

They'll live a life of luxury in the safe house, which is situated off the garden of the main house.

The duo will be able to watch and listen in on what their fellow housemates say and do, as well as being immune from next week's latest nominations.

Big Brother will give the duo the power to cause mayhem and wreak havoc before they make a shock return to the house next week.

Either Gina and Dexter or Dan and Wolfy will enter the safe house on Friday night, vote for which of the pair you want to enter below...

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Big Brother 2013 UK airs nightly on Channel 5.

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