Big Brother 2013: Day 20 highlights and recap


Day 20 in the Big Brother house saw the group awake to their new shopping task.

Hazel and Daley are getting tactile in the bedroom while she is talking to Dexter. Dexter tells Hazel that she is too intelligent for him.

The first part of the 5,4,3,2,1 shopping task takes place in the garden. Housemates Wolfy, Joe, Jack, Sophie and Hazel take part.

Sophie feels harassed by a fly and gets angry; Wolfy tells her that she needs to listen to what the fly is trying to tell her.

Callum gives Charlie an intense massage master-class.

During their part of the task Dan, Gina, Dexter and Wolfy each fail to eat a lemon in 45 seconds.

The second part of shopping task takes place with Dan, Joe, Jackie and Callum; for passing this part of the task they will receive 30% of the shopping budget.

After talking to Big Brother about being nominated, a tearful Dan is consoled in the kitchen by Jackie.

Gina and Dan are in the living area discussing their individual opinions about Jackie.

Hazel and Daley are getting close in the bedroom again, writing words on each other’s hands using their fingers. Daley writes,“I like you” on Hazel’s palm, Hazel responds with, “Me too.”

Big Brother 2013 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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