Big Brother 2013 results: Housemates struggle with new shopping task


One day in and this week's new shopping task isn't going well for the Big Brother housemates.

Yesterday Big Brother set the group their third shopping challenge of the series, and the 5...4...3...2...1 task is typical BB.

The challenge is comprised of five tasks numbered 5 to 1, with each number representing the amount of housemates required to take part in the task.

In the morning morning, the housemates decided that Sophie, Jack, Joe, Wolfy and Hazel were the Five unhealthiest housemates who would play 5 A Day. However the 5 unhealthiest housemates failed to collect enough liquid and therefore did not win any percentage of the shopping budget.

Yesterday afternoon housemates selected Dan, Jackie Callum and Joe as their smartest housemates to play 4 Letter Word. Housemates successfully guessed three of the five missing words and therefore won 30% of the shopping budget. The results were as follows:



DEXTER: “I’d LICK Wolfy’s armpit for a steak”


GINA: “A lot of people are definitely FAKE”


JACK: “I do still think there’s another MOLE in here”


DAN ABOUT CALUM: “Pretty much everyone has had a down moment and he’s always just so NICE”


DAN TO DEXTER “You’re not really RICH are you?”


Dexter passed his trigger task by putting on 1 item of clothing from each of his housemates. However Gina, Dan, Wolfy and Dexter failed to eat a lemon within 45 seconds. There may be consequences for this which may be revealed today.

Browse pictures of the task so far below...

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