Big Brother 2013 housemates get new 'Countdown' shopping task


The Big Brother 2013 housemates have been set a new challenge for their shopping budget this week.

After the big budget (for Big Brother) Zombie task last week, this week's shopping task hasn't exactly had huge funds spent on it.

Waking up this morning, the housemates found a countdown clock on the living room wall, which sparked yet more paranoia before Big Brother gathered the housemates to explain all.

This week's Countdown shopping task is comprises of 5 mini tasks, starting with Task 5 and descending down to Task 1.

Each of Tasks 5 to 2 will win the housemates a percentage of a luxury shopping budget, but they'll have to make sure to pass the final Task 1 to actually win the budget they've accumulated from the four previous tasks.

Each of the numbered tasks will require the same amount of housemates to take part - that is, Task 5 requires five housemates, Task 4 requires four and so on.

But there's a twist, as not every housemate will be eligible for each task.

Instead, housemates must pick the five unhealthiest for Task 5, four smartest for Task 4, three most similar for Task 3 and the two that least get along for Task 2 and the most courageous for the final Task 1.

As well as the five main tasks, a series of mini tasks will be given to the group throughout the next two days. These will start with a klaxon and must be completed before the countdown clock reaches zero.

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