Big Brother 2013 nominations: Callum Knell, Dan Neal rumbles on


The Big Brother nominations row between Callum Knell and Dan Neal rumbled on last night.

The housemates nominated live and face to face on Monday night, with Dan, Dexter, Wolfy and Gina all being put up for eviction in the latest Big Brother nomination results

Dan received two votes from Callum and Wolfy, and while the latter one wasn't surprising, Dan seemed shocked by Callum's decision to put him up for the chop.

Dan complained: "The problem with the nomination he gave, with Callum, he's told me he really respects me as a person but he's trying to be this Mr nice guy, even so far as saying when I'm up for eviction 'Sorry you're up.'.

"The reason I'm up because he nominated [me] for a lame reason. I just thought it was very lame and there must be more to the nomination that he didn't have the balls to say."

Meanwhile, Dexter backed up Callum and warned him to keep an eye out, as Dan continued to rant to Sam.

And the Welsh housemate seemed to support the former copper's view, saying: "In my opinion you're one of the last people should be be up for eviction, you say things right to people's faces.

"You argue for a good reason and that's why I think you're safe."

A worried Dan panicked: "I hope so, I hope so. I don't want to go yet, it's too soon."

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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