Big Brother 2013: Callum Knell clashes with Gina Rio after nominations


Callum Knell clashed with Gina Rio in the BBUK house last night as the fallout from nominations continued.

Yesterday evening saw housemates nominated live and face to face, with Dan, Dexter, Wolfy and Gina all being put up for eviction in the latest Big Brother nomination results

Dan received two votes from Callum and Wolfy, and while the latter one wasn't surprising, Dan seemed shocked by Callum's decision to put him up for the chop.

Snapping after the nominations had finished, Dan had questioned Callum on why he had not nominated Gina instead.

"You're saying you're closer to Gina than me? Bulls**t" Dan said. "I think you're scared to say what you're thinking, I don't mind you nominating me but that's a rubbish reason."

Defending himself, Callum claimed that he was pals with Gina after the pair had bonded earlier in the week, and told Dan that Gina had claimed he [Callum] was the only person she had been nice about in the Diary Room.

However it was a remark Gina denied every saying, complaining: "What are you doing? Why are you lying? It's recorded and I would've never said anything like that. Why are you lying?"

"I'm not!" Callum insisted at first.

"Why are you twist it, I would never ever say that," Gina pressed.

Callum then started to backtrack, admitting: "Look, perhaps my wording was wrong but I took it [what you said] as a massive compliment."

An unhappy Gina however explained: "I said to you that I said in the Diary Room that you're very reasonable, I don't recall ever sating that I never said I've never said anything bad about you in the Diary Room. I would have never, ever, ever said that."

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