Big Brother 2013: Dan Neal blasts Callum Knell for nominating him


The fallout from last night's Big Brother live nominations didn't take long, with Dan laying into Callum.

The housemates nominated live and face to face, with Dan, Dexter, Wolfy and Gina all being put up for eviction in the latest Big Brother nomination results

Dan received two votes from Callum and Wolfy, and while the latter one wasn't surprising, Dan seemed shocked by Callum's decision to put him up for the chop.

Snapping after the nominations had finished, Dan questioned Callum on why he had not nominated Gina instead.

"You're saying you're closer to Gina than me? Bulls**t" Dan said. "I think you're scared to say waht you're thinking, I don't mind you nominating me but that's a rubbish reason."

Callum insisted that his reason for naming Dan was genuine: "I've told you to your face we don't get on."

However Dan insisted: "I don't agree you're closer to Gina than me," turning to the rest of the housemates, he asked: "Has anyone else seen that? Have you [Gina] ever spoken to him [Callum]?"

Gina stood up for Callum, telling Dan: "We do, we do!"

Speaking later to Jackie about the bust up, Dan added: "I wouldn't have said anything but for him to say 'I'm sorry you're up'... well what did you think would happen if you voted for me?

"Mr Nice Guy over there [Dan looks to Callum], saying he's genuine... bulls**t."

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Big Brother 2013 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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