Big Brother 2013 nominations: Dexter Koh banned from nominating after plotting!

Dexter Kok (Big Brother 2013)

Dexter Koh's nominations were voided on Big Brother 2013 this evening as punishment for breaking BB's rules.

Dexter received ten votes in the live face to face nominations this evening, but didn't get the chance to nominate himself.

Earlier today Dexter was imprisoned for chatting noms along with Gina and Dan, but it seems the punishment didn't work.

Soon after being released, Dexter was already plotting again.

"I was thinking last night, it is quite easy to change the whole show," Dexter told Gina in a secret discussion in the toilet this afternoon. "Statistically, right... because obviously you can't talk about nominations, but if five or six people tried to vote the same way, it would drastically change the outcome.

"It has to be six, six is the magic number."

Gina added: "I think we need to do it smartly, we need to have a thinking strategy, I've been thinking about it for the past week actually."

Dexter suggested subtly: "Even if you did it one [this week], then one the next week then eventually you'd have the ideal sort of format at the end. To pull it off, whoever's got the f**king genius to pull it off is the person, I don't think it's me because I don't have enough clout, but it is doable."

As a result, in tonight's live nominations, Dexter was banned from nominating.

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