Big Brother 2013: Day 18 highlights and recap


Big Brother 2013 Day 18 saw a new task and another twist, as housemates got the chance to watch more audition tapes.

After last night’s argument about the tennis ball found in the garden, Jackie & Hazel are in the kitchen discussing all the arguments in the house. They feel that people go for it with no holding back because there is nothing else to do, and then it’s forgotten in the morning.

Dexter is in the diary room, also talking about the tennis ball argument, whether he read the message, the task treats and the girl’s night in.

Wolfy and Joe are in the tree house discussing Hazel and Dan’s whispering in the garden. Wolfy feels that they are talking about her.

Callum is talking to Charlie in the garden about the revelations from his audition tape. He wants to know if she feels differently about him now.

Dan is talking the garden to Daley about his earlier argument with Joe.

Gina tells Wolfy about the argument between Dan and Joe and reveals that it was about her.

Hazel, Twins, Sam, Callum and Daley are in the bedroom discussing sex faces. Wolfy is asleep.

Dexter, Sophie, Gina, Charlie and Dan are in the kitchen discussing a plan to steal Wolfy’s cigarettes.

Dexter goes to the bedroom to ask Wolfy for a cigarette on behalf of Sophie, Dan, Gina.

Dexter is talking to most of the housemates in the bedroom. He mentions that good looking girls are boring. Hazel feigns offence.

In part four of the show, housemates will nominate face to face live from the house.

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