Big Brother 2013: Sophie Lawrence loses it with "w***er" Dexter Koh


Sophie Lawrence loses it on Big Brother 2013 in an argument with Dexter Koh.

Like so many rows in the Big Brother house over the years, the fight came down to the rationing of cigarettes.

With Wolfy one of the few housemates still with some of her stash left, the other housemates discussed how best to ask, but Dexter went off and asked Wolfy anyway.

“Sorry, she said no," Dexter reported back. “I said that I’ve come to ask you for fags for everyone. I’m not going to lie. Can we have a cigarette? And she said no.

"I said, 'Look I promise I won’t give it to Dan. Can me Sophie and Gina have one' and she said no. She said she was disappointed that Gina and Sophie didn’t come and ask her because she thought that you two were more friends than me so she was disappointed.”

“Oh my God. We didn’t tell you to ask her though," Sophie snapped.

Walking into the bedroom, Wolfy told the group: "I thought you [Gina] and Sophie were mates so why wouldn’t you just come and talk to me.”

“I wanted to but Dexter said “I want to talk to her.’," Gina said.

Wolfy replied: “I don’t give a s**t. I don’t even like that guy man. He spreads s**t like he’s a bad smell following you around the place.”

Sophie repeated: “We didn’t even ask you to do it Dexter.”

"So everyone was willing to smoke the cigarette if I went and got it but you are not willing to fess up," Dexter told her.

Sophie then raged: “Dexter, Dexter listen to me. You are a f***ing s**t stirrer. You go about. Everyone has said it to you. You go about to everyone causing f***ing trouble. You have caused trouble between us tonight.

"You’ve gone to Wolfy and asked for a fag. Listen. You’re missing my point. You come to her and said we asked you to get a fag. We did not ask you to do f**k all! We asked you to wake her up. I’m fuming! I hate every inch of you, you’re a w***er!”

Big Brother 2013 airs at 10PM tonight on Channel 5.

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