Big Brother news: Daley gets interesting as he blasts Dexter!


Big Brother UK housemate Daley Ojuederie hasn't been the most interesting of wannabes to grace the show, but it seems he's finally coming out of his shell.

If truth be told, we've forgotten on numerous occasions he's even in the house.

But speaking up last night, Daley confessed he felt he was being played by Dexter.

"He plays an insecure, scared person who's got no fiends and he wants to feel accepted, if that's true than f**king hell, he'll be my friend for life, but if it isn't true it's really going to f**k me off," Daley began.

Seemingly taken in by the claims of Dexter's supposed scheming in the house, he continued: "I don't cry over no one for no reason, when I cry for someone it means it means something.

"If he's made me look like a mug, it's going to f**k me off."

And Daley added: "All this stuff being said about Dexter, if he's doing this to everyone else, what's he doing to me?"

As far as we can tell, as much as Daley's done in the house, nothing.

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