Big Brother 2013 shows Gina, Wolfy and Jackie's audition tapes!


Gina, Wolfy and Jackie have had their Big Brother audition tapes played to the house last night.

It followed the trio getting the chance to watch their other housemates' fellow audition tapes last week.

For yesterday’s Diary Room task, all Housemates competed to see who could maintain a laugh for the longest amount of time. Big Brother gave them a helping hand by providing some visual “jokes” for them to LOL at.

One at a time, each Housemate was called to the Diary Room. In the Diary Room, they were each instructed to lift a drape to reveal one of Big Brother’s jokes. They had to laugh at it, no matter how unfunny it is, and had do then then keep on laughing for as long as they possibly can. Big Brother timed each laugh, and the Housemate who carried on laughing the longest will win the task.

Sam laughed for over 15 minutes in order to win the task, and chose Daley and Callum to share his prize.

The pair watched Gina, Wolfy and Jackie's auditions in the task room, along with pizza and booze supplied by Big Brother.

While they were not shocked by Jackie's, and felt that Gina's was only "a little bit more cocky", Wolfy's claims of being in to win did shock them.

"Everything we say stays in here," said Callum after the videos.

But Daley seemed to want to blab, replying: "But we've got the choice, we can tell them, it's in our hands."

Watch the task and fallout on tonight's show from 10PM on Channel 5.

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