Big Brother news: Gina Rio's boozing sparks bitching

Gina Rio (Big Brother 2013)

Gina Rio has been loving her booze in the Big Brother UK house, but it's not been making her fellow housemates happy.

We've already seen Gina told off and sent to jail for stashing drink, but it's not stopped her from keeping the meager alcohol rations to herself.

Chatting in the garden today, Hazel confessed her annoyance and fears over Gina's drinking habits to Dan.

"She's pissing me off, she keeps taking all the wine," the Irish model said bluntly.

With Dan advising Hazel to speak to Gina about it, she continued: "I keep saying it to her, it's really selfish.

"Every time it's there she's first there, she fills a glass up tot he brim, hides it under her bed, fills another one and then takes the bottle of wine with her."

Hazel continued to rant: "All the girls drink red [wine], I've had to take that bottle of her last night. I took it off her out of principle because even though I wasn't even drinking, I think it's ridiculous she drinks so much every night."

The brunette beauty repeated herself: "It's selfish."

Big Brother 2013 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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