Big Brother UK: Dexter Koh's girlfriend doesn't want him cheating on her

Dexter Koh (Big Brother 2013)

The supposed girlfriend of Big Brother 2013 housemate Dexter Koh has spoken out, saying she doesn't want to see him cheating on her!

Dexter and Charlotte Nelson met online, through one a 'Sugar Daddy' dating website.

“I signed up for a dare and he started messaging me asking to take me out," student Charlotte said. “I freaked out at first but once he stopped begging I let him take me for lunch.

“We go to restaurants and he pays the bill. And if I go to London my hotel and first class train ticket are paid for.”

She added: “My uni friends really like him because we told him we had no student loan left and a few hours later he had stocked up our fridge.”

Dexter has spoken about his girlfriend in the house, saying that he fears he'll be dumped after revealing feelings for Hazel.

Charlotte warned: “He loves a flirt and he likes to push it. Fingers crossed he’ll be loyal. But if he cheats, I’d be gone.”

She revealed to the Daily Star Sunday: “I did give him freedom to do what he likes…

“But if he follows through with it I’d still be gone. I did it as a test.”

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