Big Brother 2013: Rows over housemates' audition tapes


There were rows in the Big Brother UK house last night as Wolfy, Gina and Jackie revealed all about their fellow housemates' audition tapes.

For yesterday’s task The Key, The Secret, Big Brother placed a VHS tape a box sealed by three large padlocks. The first three housemates to open the padlocks after answering some revealing questions about their views on fellow housemates, would earn unprecedented access to some of the housemate’s launch night VTs.

As winners, Jackie, Gina and Wolfy were in the secret lounge watching some of the housemate’s audition tapes, in scenes that were shown in last night's show.

Gina was very quick to confront some of the other housemates, pressing Dexter: "Tell me now is that you, is that the real you on that video? it was scary!"

He defended himself: "When you're doing stuff for your audition, it's an over exaggerated version of yourself."

Later Gina confronted Dexter, but neither Wolfy nor Jackie were quick to back up her claims.

"Hazel.. well, I dunno. You said that you're going integrate into the group for two weeks, and then you're going to s**t stir. And you said you're evil inside," Gina claimed.

But Hazel denied saying it, and Jackie agreed: "I don't thinks he said stirring s**t"

Wolfy stayed quiet as Gina looked for support: "You know what she said Wolfy, don't leave me haging, don't let me left looking like the bad one."

In the bedroom some time later and Gina, Wolfy and Jackie rowed over the incident.

Gina snapped: "Why didn't you back me up? You should've still backed me as a friend, a thousand percent."

Jackie again said she couldn't remember what Hazel has said, and downplayed her VT: "I don't think Hazel's is significant, it was just insignificant compared with the other two [Callum and Dexter], which was funny

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