Big Brother 2013: Jemima Slade "upset" by racism claims


Evicted Big Brother 2013 housemate Jemima Slade has admitted she was "upset" after being branded a racist by Gina Rio.

The pair clashed after Jemima told her: “I wouldn’t normally go for a black guy," later adding that Gina "probably wouldn't go for a white guy."

The comments saw producers issue Jemima with an official warning, but bosses have been accused of being over zealous with their actions, with some 150 complaints to Ofcom over the decision to warn Jemima over the comments.

“I was so worried viewers would see me as a racist. I was upset for a few days worrying about it," Jemima said. “I was really concerned about my ­family’s wellbeing and my own wellbeing when I came out of the house. I was ­incredibly embarrassed. I didn’t want to be perceived in that way.”

Speaking after her exit ahead of Dexter Koh last Friday night, Jemima told the Daily Star Sunday: “I really was extremely upset by that. I was very emotional about it ­because I have a lot of friends of every ­nationality.

“Of everything that happened, that upset me the most. I had a couple of chats in the Diary Room and they promised me I wouldn’t be branded as a racist and it wouldn’t come out on the show.

“It wasn’t meant in a racist way.”

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