Big Brother 2013: Day 16 highlights and recap


Day 16 in the Big Brother 2013 house saw a very special task, followed by the second eviction of the series.

Housemates are waking up on the morning of Dexter or Jemima facing eviction.

Jemima tells Hazel what’s the point of panicking, ‘we are all going to go at some point.’
Hazel says that Dexter thinks his Big Brother experience may give him some life direction.

Dan and Hazel are cuddling in the bedroom. Sophie tells Hazel ‘you’re so sexual!’ Dan and
Hazel continue to be flirty.

Jackie and Charlie are talking; Charlie feels low about her disagreement with Wolfy. Jackie advices her to speak to Wolfy to clear the air.

In the kitchen, Dan and Wolfy bicker about Dan yesterday eating half an uncooked sausage. Dan lets off steam in the bedroom, and explains to Hazel and Jemima that people are moaning about the food.

Wolfy and Joe agree that they don’t want Jemima to go as she hasn’t said a bad word to either of them. Joe reveals his trousers are getting looser by the day.

Jemima tells Big Brother that she isn’t nervous and would like to stay for at least three weeks as she was third in.

Dexter tells Daley that the last thing on his mind is winning Big Brother. Daley reveals he would like to get above four weeks in the house.

For today’s task The Key, The Secret, Big Brother has placed a VHS tape a box sealed by three large padlocks. The first three housemates to open the padlocks after answering some revealing questions about their views on fellow housemates, will earn unprecedented access to some of the housemate’s audition tapes.

The 11 questions asked in the task revealed that Sam admits that Jemima is the housemate that makes him feel most uncomfortable because of her innuendos. Dexter thinks that Callum and Charlie have grown very close and connected – Charlie explains it is a platonic relationship. Charlie senses that Wolfy doesn’t like her, Wolfy believes Dexter is pretending to be something he’s not, Callum reveals he likes Jemima the least as she makes Sam feel uncomfortable, Dexter announces he is thinking of nominating the twins as ‘they are clearly going to win the show’ and Jemima next week and Dan thinks that Dexter is the least popular in the house as he hasn’t yet been his true self.

Jackie, Gina and Wolfy are the three housemates who successfully opened the three padlocks, and therefore granted access to all of the housemates’ audition tapes.

Dan and Hazel are talking about the task and discuss that it’s only Jemima taking it to heart and that Dexter ‘got a bad wrap’. They believe that Dexter will be more tactful if he survives eviction.

For winning the task, Jackie, Gina and Wolfy settle down in the secret lounge to watch Hazel, Dan, Dexter and Callum’s audition tapes.

Jemima and Dexter are readying themselves for tonight’s eviction. Jemima explains ‘it has been a rollercoaster and is a lot tougher than it looks’. Dexter says ‘it has been a life changing experience and will pave the way on how his life will go in the future’.

Emma Willis reveals live to the house that Jemima is the second housemate to be evicted; she exits to a crowd of boos. Dexter is visibly overcome with relief, and his housemates congratulate him.

In the garden, the twins and Gina expected Jemima to leave, Wolfy disagrees.

Callum tells Sam that even though Charlie said in the task they have a platonic relationship; it won’t stop him fancying her. He goes onto say he has ‘a lot of time for her and trusts her’.

All of the housemates are in bed. Dan gets on top of Hazel and the pair hug in her bed with Charlie lying next to them. Dan then ‘motorboats’ Hazel’s boobs, she laughs and he says he better go back to his own bed.

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