Big Brother 2013 housemates get action task


Today the Big Brother 2013 housemates must complete a series of actions on a game for as long as possible.

A number of props are put in the garden. It is a large area with eggs, horns, box of feathers & flour, buzzer that shocks housemates and a selection of pies to take a bite of.

Above each item is an instruction,

‘Splat!’ above the eggs, where housemates must splat an egg over their head.
‘Honk!’ above a series of horns that they must honk.
‘Munch’ above a stack of pies with gravy they must take a bite of.
‘Shock!’ above a buzzer that when they press it gives themselves an electric shock.
‘Dunk!’ above a box of feathers the housemates must dunk their head into.

The start area is in the middle. Housemates must run back to this after completing an action.

A series of instructions are called out by Big Brother which must be completed by the housemates. These get faster and faster until the housemates cannot keep up. If the housemate falls too far behind the commands their turn is over and the next team member jumps in to take their place. This continues until all team members have had their turn.

The housemates will be competing Boys vs Girls. This will be a relay style race where the team that stays in the game for the longest time wins the task.

Boys Team:




Girls Team:




The rest of the housemates will be watching on the benches.

Winning team will win various treats for a girls or boys night in (unknown to housemates if the girls win they will receive boy themed treat and if the boys win they will receive girl themed treats).

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