Big Brother 2013: Jackie, Gina and Wolfy watch housemates' VTs!

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Jackie, Gina and Wolfy have had a sneak peek at what their fellow Big Brother UK housemates said to get into the house.

For yesterday’s task The Key, The Secret, Big Brother placed a VHS tape a box sealed by three large padlocks. The first three housemates to open the padlocks after answering some revealing questions about their views on fellow housemates, would earn unprecedented access to some of the housemate’s audition tapes.

As winners, Jackie, Gina and Wolfy were in the secret lounge watching some of the housemate’s audition tapes, in scenes to be shown in tonight's show.

Hazel’s tape “I’m known as the controversial one. I stir things up, it’s the evil inside!

Wolfy & Jackie are shock, exclaiming: “That’s the real Hazel!”

Jackie adds: “She’s playing very well then!”

Dan’s tape “I knew I was different at school, I liked watching Neighbours and listening to Kylie and Jason. All the stereotypically gay stuff. I like being centre of attention.”

Wolfy revealed: “He told me he didn’t want to be known as the gay in the house. All I get from that is stereotypical gay.”

Dexter’s tape (on being a sugar daddy) “You use girls as accessories, like watches. Some are good for sex, some are good for conversations. I see approx 50-70 girls a month! If you put me in there I will not make the headlines, I will break the headlines! You know you want me!”

Gina “That is true Dexter! Cocky!”

Callum’s tape “I’m young, good looking - it comes naturally. I’ve slept with a mother and daughter…I’m really intelligent, deceptively intelligent. The full package!”

Jackie “Right. That is not on, totally shocking. That’s a real eye opener. There is no way Charlie fancies him, no way.”

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