Big Brother 2013: Housemates set laughter challenge


The Big Brother UK house has been missing some laughs recently, but Big Brother is set to rectify that.

For today’s Diary Room task, all Housemates will compete to see who can maintain a laugh for the longest amount of time. Big Brother will give them a helping hand by providing some visual “jokes” for them to LOL at.

One at a time, each Housemate will be called to the Diary Room. In the Diary Room, they will each be instructed to lift a drape to reveal one of Big Brother’s jokes. They must laugh at it, no matter how unfunny it is, and must then keep on laughing for as long as they possibly can. Big Brother will time each laugh, and the Housemate who carries on laughing the longest will win the task.

Big Brother’s jokes, however, are all a bit lame, clichéd and a bit too literal. The jokes provided for Housemates to laugh at will include a chicken crossing a road, a mushroom holding a sign which says “I’m a Fun Guy” and a gurning man.

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