Big Brother UK: Wolfy Millington complains over other housemates using the word 'fat'


Wolfy Millington is not a happy bunny on Big Brother 2013 tonight.

The fisherwoman is seen ranting to Big Brother over other housemates using the word 'fat' in the house.

It followed a clash between Wolfy and Charlie Travers after Charlie mentioned she was feeling fat after yesterday's winner.

Wolfy told Big Brother: “I’m really p*ssed off as people’s insecurities are effecting people in the house.

"Charlie and Hazel have dropped what I call the F-bomb a couple of times today which is the fat word. People use the word fat so loosely and that it has no consequences."

Wolfy continued: "She (Charlie) always says the wrong thing at the wrong time and its grating on me. Dropping the F-bomb in front of people that are larger…I’m not insecure, I know I’m fat…but to say I may have put on a bit of weight is fair enough, but to say you’re physically fat is a mind f**k.”

Later twins Jack & Joe go to the Diary Room to remark on the evening's bizarre events. “The tension in this house! How many arguments over cr*p?! It’s someone’s last day!

"People are working are out their issues and then someone has to get involved. F*ck off and let them deal with it themselves!”

Big Brother UK airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5 with Emma Willis.

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