Big Brother 2013: Day 15 highlights and recap


Day 15 on Big Brother saw rows and clashes, all over the use of the word fat.

Daley asks Sam if he was offered to do a photo shoot with Jemima after they left the house for £10,000, would he do it. Dexter advises Sam to do it as people want to read about Big Brother couples. Sam is undecided and says that Jemima stares at him which makes him feel uncomfortable.

Jemima and Sam bicker over the washing up. Jemima tells Sam he shouldn’t be so ‘set in his ways at his age’, Sam tells her to shut up.

Big Brother calls Jack and Joe to the diary room so Sophie can explain to the house that it’s Hide and No Seek secret task time. Housemates - alphabetically - must all hide in the store room without getting busted by the twins. If they are successful the house will receive treats. Unbeknown to Jack and Joe the housemates get to work, and one by one hide in the store room.

After sometime the twins leave the tree house where they have been sitting, and head back into the house where they eventually click that the housemates have ‘mugged them off’. The housemates successfully passed the task and win treats.

Hazel tells Dan and Dexter that she’s put on weight. The model explains that her boobs go up and down with her weight, and that’s how she judges her weight.

Jemima tells Charlie she likes and expects attention from men, and that Charlie is close to Callum. Charlie says ‘in a platonic way.’ Jemima says she clicked with Sam on day one and that her ex was 19 years old when she met him.

In the bedroom, Charlie reveals she is feeling fat which offends Wolfy. Wolfy says she doesn’t know the meaning of the word; Charlie replies it’s ‘a personal feeling’ as she had an eating problem. Wolfy asks her not to use the word fat as she isn’t fat. Charlie exits the bedroom and goes to speak to Hazel who comforts her.

Gina tells Wolfy that Charlie does go on about being fat quite a bit.

In the living area, Dan announces ‘why does everyone have to join in and why can’t everyone get on with things and leave people to it?’ He says Gina and Callum like to get involved.

Charlie asks Wolfy for a chat, but she said its best to leave it until tomorrow.

Big Brother UK airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5 with Emma Willis.

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