Ooh! Big Brother is set to reveal the housemates' secrets!

Big Brother 2013 Secrets

The Big Brother 2013 housemates are set to learn something new about one another in today's task.

BB is stirring the pot in the house by first getting housemates to confess their own secrets, before revealing some of their hidden ones!

It's Big Brother secrets and lies and with paranoia rife in the house, so we don't think Big Brother could've picked a better time.

In the living area is a chest which Big Brother has told the housemates contains a special prize, however it is covered in chains and locked with three large padlocks. The keys to these padlocks are in a large jar – along with another 100 keys which do not match the padlocks.

To earn a key and attempt to open a padlock, housemates must reveal a secret about themselves. The more secrets they reveal, the more keys they will earn, and the higher their chance of successfully opening a padlock and gaining access to the secrets.

Housemates will each stand behind a buzzer whilst Big Brother asks questions, the answers to which require housemates to reveal their true opinions about each other, such as who they consider the alpha male of the house, or which trio they think might make the final three.

The first housemate to buzz in and honestly reveal their answer each time will then choose a key from the bowl and attempt to open the padlocks with that key. If their chosen key successfully opens a padlock that housemate will win shared access to the contents of the chest. If not, they will return to their buzzer. Housemates may keep answering Big Brother’s questions by revealing secrets to try again with another key.

Once all three padlocks are opened by three housemates, those three housemates will open the chest to discover a VHS tape. Later today they will play the tape – which will reveal secret information about all their fellow housemates.

Already the task is causing tension, after Gina named Dexter as the biggest game-player in the House, because he has told her he's playing a game

And Sophie told the House that she thinks Gina should not have been chosen as a housemate, while Jack has announced that he would like Dexter to be evicted tonight... because Jemima cooks a lot.

Watch the fallout on tomorrow night's highlights show.

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