Big Brother 2013 housemates get secret task (at Jack and Joe's expense!)


The Big Brother UK housemates have been given a new task to while away the hours this afternoon.

Big Brother called Jack and Joe to the Diary Room for their daily chat, but it was all just a distraction.

While they were occupied with answering Big Brother's questions about their day so far, the other housemates had to gather in the living area.

An envelope was delivered to the house via the hatch and Sophie read the instructions aloud to the group.

Over the course of the next hour so, housemates will be playing a game of one-sided Hide and Seek, or rather Hide and No Seek.

Housemates must attempt to stealthily and sneakily hide themselves in the store room without Jack and Joe noticing their disappearance.

Shouldn't be a hard task for the likes of Callum and Daley then.

If Jack and Joe don't catch on then the group will win a special treat this evening.

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