Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio demands a lawyer after being sent to jail!


Gina Rio demanded to speak to a lawyer after Big Brother sent her to jail last night.

In scenes to be shown on tonight's show, Gina is hauled into the Diary Room after secretly stashing booze in the bedroom.

Big Brother told her: “Gina all housemates are not permitted to stash alcohol in the house. Gina as you don’t seem to understand Big Brother’s instructions you must go straight to jail.”

But a defiant Gian told BB: “I’m not going to jail. I’m not going to jail. You can piss off.”

She ranted: “Oh my god! I’ve been through too much this week. I have been through, I can’t even speak I’m so angry. I have been through far too much this week. A lot ok. You made me eat sheep’s eyeballs then blended with dog food and herring fish! And now this! I’m just trying to enjoy myself I have only just opened that can of lager.”

Big Brother didn't budge however, telling her: “Gina, when you are living in the Big Brother house you WILL live by Big Brother’s rules.”

“Well I want a lawyer. I want a lawyer right now," Gina demanded. "I’m not going to sit outside in the cold like that. I’ve already got a cold. If you want me to sit out there bring a doctor.

"I am not sitting out there when I have a cold. I find it rude. What a joke and I should not be spoken to like this and asked to go to jail. I’m not going and there is nothing you can do about it. Are we finished? Are we done?”

Big Brother warned: “There will be serious consequences for the rest of the house if you fail to comply with Big Brother’s instructions.

“If you fail to comply with Big Brother’s instructions, Big Brother will not supply the house with the shopping.”

Big Brother UK airs tonight from 10PM on Channel 5.

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