Big Brother 2013: Wolfy in tears over Dan's interrogation


There are tears on Big Brother tonight as Wolfy and Dan clash after he delves into her past.

Wolfy and Dan's conversation started as they spoke about coming out, with Wolfy declaring: "I’ve been going to the gay village since I was 14.”

But Dan became suspicious of Wolfy's story, which involved clubbing, smoking and drinking at such a young age .

“The thing is the minute you get t**s you get served. And obviously the legal smoking age was 16 then," Wolfy explained. "You just had to wear a low cut top, bang a load of makeup on and have a fag in your mouth when you walked up to the door. You could get in everywhere. Oh I miss those days in the gay village; 14 years old couldn’t get home missed the last train, slept in Salford central train station.”

Dan asked “What did your mum and dad think about that then? If you wouldn’t get home.”

"They never knew," Wolfy replied, “I wouldn’t go home. I’d be like; I’m staying at my mate’s.”

Dan continued to quiz: “Do you reckon they had any idea of what you were doing? Going out of the scene like that?”

“No f***ing way." snapped Wolfy, "I don’t want to talk about this Dan.”

“But you brought it up though," claimed Dan.

“I didn’t. You keep pushing it," said a teary Wolfy before she walked off to talk to Gina about Dan's comments.

“He keeps pushing and pushing and pushing. Why can’t he f***ing leave it. Why does he need to know everything about my life? Why? Drama, gossipy b***h. What’s so interesting about my f***ing life," Wolfy ranted. "Why does he have to question me about everything? What the f**k?

"He needs to know everything about everything because he is so insecure about himself he has to find faults in everyone else. I can read him like a f***ing book.”

Dan meanwhile confessed to Charlie: "It’s because I’m suspicious; I wouldn’t be like that with anyone else. Maybe I’m being insensitive.

Speaking later with Hazel, Dan confessed: "I have raised that with her before. She would have known that I would do it again. She didn’t get upset like that last time. That’s why I was really sceptical.

"I feel like she forgets what she’s said already. It’s not a nice place to be at the moment this house.”

Big Brother UK airs tonight from 10PM on Channel 5.

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