Big Brother 2013: Day 14 highlights and recap


Day 14 saw the BBUK housemates continue their latest shopping task, before Emma Willis spoke to the house.

The infected housemates are woken up in quarantine by an alarm. Daley and Gina dressed in biohazard suits; enter the quarantine area to spray down the housemates because the virus incubates when the patients are sleeping.

Infected housemates are complaining to each other, claiming they are being mistreated by Big Brother.

The infected housemates refuse to take any more of the medicine that Big Brother provided for them.

In the diary room, Charlie and Joe are told by Big Brother that a new treatment has been discovered which needs some of the infected housemate’s DNA. They choose Jack and Jackie to undergo treatment. Jack has a strip of his hair shaved off and Jackie refuses the treatment.

Hazel talks to Big Brother in the diary room about the discord and tension the quarantine task is causing.

After upsetting Wolfy earlier in the garden, Dan apologises and they become friends again.

The final part of the Quarantine task takes place and the uninfected housemates have 3 minutes to pass the infected shopping items through the incubation chamber in order to gain luxury food items for the store room. The housemates are pleased with the items they managed to win.

All the housemates are told by Big Brother that the shopping task this week has ended and the virus was a drill. As the housemates carried out the quarantine task to Big Brother’s satisfaction, the infected housemates are free to join the rest of the housemates in the main house.

Gina has been told by Big Brother to go to jail for breaking a rule by stashing alcohol. Gina tells her housemates that she refused to go to jail. They all think of ways to get her to go to jail as Big Brother has threatened to take away the luxury shopping items if she does not adhere to their rules. Gina reluctantly goes to jail for some of the evening.

Housemates are gathered on the sofas by Big Brother. Emma Willis talks live to the house to announce that the housemate with the fewest public votes and saved from Friday night’s eviction is Gina.

Dexter and Jemima are instructed by Big Brother to give a plea to the public to be saved from eviction.

Big Brother UK airs tonight from 10PM on Channel 5.

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