Big Brother news: Callum rules out romance with Charlie


Despite Charlie confessing her closeness to Callum, it looks like there's no chance of any romance between the pair.

Yesterday saw Charlie reveal to Callum that he was the housemate she was closest too in the house.

Speaking to each other in the garden, Charlie admitted: "I feel the most free in front of you because I feel you understand me. I think you get me more than I get you.

"You're a good listener. You get me more than anyone else in here. Everyone who speaks to you, you find a positive in their character and that makes me feel comfortable."

Charlie's gushing continued: "You're happy to listen and give people feedback, you get them a nice little boost. If you're ever feeling low in here, you give a boost."

But in a private chat with Wofly in the treehouse, Callum was asked bluntly by the fisherwoman if there was ever any chance of a relationship.

"I don't even think it's on the cards... because... first time I thought about it, I would love to go for a drink with her.. but... I don't know. I just can't see it," he told Wofly.

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