Big Brother 2013 eviction: Dan Neal predicts Dexter Koh will be saved

Dan Neal (Big Brother 2013)

Dan Neal has told Dexter Koh that he'll be safe in tonight's latest eviction.

Dexter and Jemima Slade both face the axe this evening after Gina Rio was saved during Wednesday night's latest live show.

Despite nominating him, Dan told Dexter: "I do think there is more to you than I've seen and other people have seen."

"I still think you'll be alright [tonight], I do. you're in a better position now there's two of you up. I think the person you're up against will go."

Listening in on the conversation, Gina was quick to agree: "She will go, she's not a nice person."

But Dex suggested: "But she's going to do everything to get her votes up, dress funny and do things but I can't be arsed. I just wan to enjoy my last two days."

Dan counteracted: "I don't think she can take constructive criticism and people on the outside may not like that compared to you."

Meanwhile, Dan and Dex both agreed that while they may not always see eye to eye, at least their both being themselves.

Talking in the bedroom, Dan said: "That's one thing that's also been annoying me for a last couple of days, there's an obvious one [housemate] who I think is trying to be too nice at everything."

Big Brother airs tonight from 9PM on Channel 5 with Emma Willis.

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