Big Brother UK: Gina Rio sent to jail!

Gina Rio (Big Brother 2013)

Gina Rio has become the latest Big Brother 2013 housemate to be sent to jail after talking back to BB.

Last night saw Gina saved in the first half of the Big Brother 2013 eviction results, after the voting lines were frozen.

But Gina's freedom didn't last long as she tried to celebrate her eviction victory by boozing.

Earlier in the week, Gina had hidden some larger Big Brother had supplied and decided to open her can, but Big Brother was watching.

Her spontaneous decision saw Big Brother call her - and her booze - to the Diary Room, but Gina refused.

"Piss off!" she replied to the booming voice, "I'm going to drink it, bloody f**kers."

After Gina did eventually go to the Diary Room she was then sent to jail, but first refused and instead claimed she wanted to leave the house.

But with Big Brother threatening not to deliver this week's luxury shopping, Gina eventually took one for the team and made her way into the garden jail.

Speaking to Wolfy from behind bars, Gina mused: "Why can't I be a bitch? Why can't I just be horrible and say 'Everybody starve!'"

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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