Big Brother 2013: Dan Neal accused of 'bullying' Wolfy Millington


Big Brother 2013 housemate Dan Neal has been accused of bullying fellow housemate Wolfy Millington.

It follows a clash between the two after Dan accused her of being an actor last week.

The former copper nominated Wofly on Sunday night and confronted her with his claims yesterday, before interrogating her about her life.

Clearly trying to cause her to slip up, Dan pressed Wolfy about her past, love life, job and back story.

In scenes not on shown on the telly, Wolfy was left in tears crying: "I’ve given myself a nosebleed because of this.

“Why does he need to know every detail of my f***ing life? He’s so judgmental. He’s pushing and pushing. Why can’t he just leave it? I don’t question him about everything. Why am I so f***ing fascinating?"

She continued: “It’s bang out of order. He thinks the sun shines out his arse because he was in the police for eight years.

“I don’t want people to know everything about me.”

According to the Daily Star, Wofly added: “It’s like everything’s too unbelievable for him. He has to question everything.

“He’s gonna get sh*t on the outside. You can find him 10 to the handful where I’m from. He’s not an individual. He’s a drama gossipy bitch.”

A spokesperson for the show commented: “We are monitoring the situation between Dan and Wolfy.”

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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