Big Brother 2013 spoilers: Housemates pass latest shopping task


The Big Brother 2013 housemates have passed their latest shopping task, leaving them with a luxury food selection.

For the past two days, the housemates have been living in two groups after being woken by a frenzied alarm and notice zombies invading the garden on Tuesday morning.

Housemates watched a news story on the TV screen which explained this weeks shopping task, Quarantine.

Charlie, Hazel, Wolfy, Joe, Daley and Callum were all spared from the virus but the infected - Jack, Jackie, Gina, Dexter, Sophie, Jemima and Sam - were directed to the Quarantine area, the small task room, where they had to stay until cured.

To pass the task, the infected housemates had to cure themselves by completing a series of challenges before competing in a final 'end game'.

Over the past two days, Gina, Dan and Jack all cured themselves to re-join the main house.

In the endgame, any cured Housemates as well as housemates that were never infected took part to win as much shopping as they can.

Big Brother, delivered a full week’s worth of shopping to the garden. However, all of this shopping had been in the outside world and therefore was of course contaminated.

To fix this problem Housemates had to work together to pass each piece of shopping through a long radioactive-style de-contamination chamber.

The end game was against the clock and any food that they successfully pass down the line to the safe zone within the time limit will be won for the House.

The housemates successfully passed the shopping into the house and therefore won the products for this week.

With the end of the task, the remaining infected housemates returned to the main house.

The highlights will air in tonight's show from 10PM on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of Jackie and Jack in the task below...

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