Big Brother 2013: Day 13 highlights and recap

Day 13 in the Big Brother UK saw the group given their latest shopping task.

Housemates are woken by a frenzied alarm and notice zombies invading the garden. Big Brother warns housemates of the danger and instructs them to gather in the living area.

Housemates watch a news story on the TV screen which explains this weeks shopping task, Quarantine.

Charlie, Hazel, Wolfy, Joe, Daley and Callum have all been spared from the virus and retreat to the safety of the diary room wearing their gas masks.

The infected Jack, Jackie, Gina, Dexter, Sophie, Jemima and Sam are directed to the Quarantine area, the small task room.

Daley is marching the uninfected housemates around the garden to keep them busy.

Last night, Jemima and Dan had a lengthy argument. Jemima has a talk with Big Brother about the upset and her feelings toward Dan.

Gina is the first Quarantine housemate to face an uncomfortable cure followed by Dan.

Dan has a heartfelt talk with Hazel about his argument last night with Jemima. He reveals that he no longer wants to interact with Jemima and claims that she was wrong to react as she did.

Housemates are in the garden, Quarantine housemates are behind an enclosure. Charlie is worried about her mum Jackie.

Infected housemates are told by Big Brother that because they are still infected that they will need to spend the night in Quarantine and Big Brother provides them with ground mats and blankets.

In part 4 of the show there will be a live element where Emma will tell the nominated housemate with the fewest number of votes that they have been saved from eviction.

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