Big Brother 2013: Quarantine tasks continues...


The latest set of challenges for this week's Big Brother 2013 shopping task have been revealed.

This week has seen some of the housemates get infected with a virus and they must complete a number of tasks in order to rid themselves of the bug.

Yesterday saw Dan and Gina become the first tow infected housemates to take on their task and today it continues...

Genetic Material Sample
Big Brother has created a device that can synthesize an antidote to the virus. But in order for the device to work properly, a large sample of the Patients genetic material is needed.

Big Brother has decided the perfect genetic material to use in this instance is hair. The uninfected housemates will have to shave off a specific amount of hair to put into the device. A dummy head will be in the Treatment Room with a strip of hair missing from its head and Housemates will have to mimic this style an amount of hair missing.

If the uninfected Housemates complete this process successfully the device will produce a small shot of antidote which the patient will have to drink to be cured.

In the endgame, any cured Housemates as well as Housemates that were never infected will be able to take part to win as much shopping as they can.

Big Brother, will deliver a full week’s worth of shopping to the garden. However, all of this shopping has been in the outside world and is of course contaminated.

To fix this problem Housemates will have to work together to pass each piece of shopping through a long radioactive-style de-contamination chamber.

Inside the decontamination chamber several pairs of heavy rubber gloves are attached to the inside.

The food is placed at the far end of the decontamination chamber; the housemates must now pass it down the line of pairs of gloves to reach the safe zone at the end. This won’t be easy, as they are passing it the down the decontamination chamber, it will spray them with water and the food with green disinfectant. The gloves will be covered with a slippery solution, making it extra tricky. Beneath the row of gloves will be a trough of green ooze, anything that they drop into the ooze will be lost.

The end game is against the clock. Any food that they successfully pass down the line to the safe zone within the time limit will be won for the House.

After this final game Big Brother will announce that the whole Quarantine task has been a test of the Big Brother emergency procedures and all Housemates can leave the Quarantined zone.

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