Big Brother 2013: Day 12 highlights and recap


Day 12 in the Big Brother 2013 house saw the latest nomination results revealed.

On Sunday, housemates nominated for the first time. Yesterday housemates spent most of the day guessing who would be up for eviction.

Joe is pumping the shower for Jack but runs off when a bee flies next to him. An argument ensues between the twins.

Jackie is discussing her theory that Dexter has a twin, after being convinced it was not him in the shower that morning. The rest of the house continues the theory and Dexter plays along.

Callum tells Big Brother in the diary room that he fancies Charlie, but it would be ‘wishful thinking’ to believe that anything could happen between them.

Housemates faced the Feast Like a Beast task and guessed 6 correct answers. As a result they won a nice dinner of chicken curry.

After an earlier conversation with Charlie, Hazel is upset by her comments. She explains the situation to Dan in the kitchen.

Daley and Hazel are in the garden talking about a mutual friend who passed away. Charlie and Jackie join the conversation and Charlie unintentionally upsets Hazel.

Charlie is tearful in the diary room after her conversation with Hazel and believes she needs to think before she speaks.

Big Brother announces the names of the nominated housemates and tensions are running high; Dexter, Gina and Jemima will face the public vote to evict.

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