Big Brother 2013: Row erupts between Charlie, Hazel, Jackie, Dan and Jemima!


A massive row engulfed the Big Brother 2013 house last night featuring all of Charlie, Hazel, Jackie, Dan and Jemima!

It all started after Charlie spoke to Hazel about her ex boyfriend, questioning her over his suicide.

Hazel told Dan: "I don't know if she's just stupid or insensitive."

Later outside on the bench Dan, Jemima and Jackie were talking about Charlie’s comment earlier to Hazel.

Jemima told Jackie as she tried to defend her daughter: “You can’t say that she’s innocent because she’s 26 years old not 16 you know.

“She’s been through a lot," Jackie said, "But it’s not screwed up, it’s screwed up her head in terms of her growing process.

"I am because Charlie has been through far more than a lot of people at her age. You know.”

An unimpressed Jemima continued: "We all have. I have been through so much s**t in my life.”

She ranted: “You can’t say that though Jackie. You don’t know what everyone else has been through in their life to be honest. You know what your daughters been through because you’ve been there next to her. But you don’t know everybody.

"I’m not going to open up and tell you exactly what I’ve been through in my life because I don’t want you to know about my personal situation. But I’ll tell you something I’ve done a lot in my life, been through a lot and I’m here to make my family proud because there’s a lot I’ve done in my life that hasn’t.”

Jackie hit back: “But Charlie’s been through it in terms, she had her cyst when she was 15 the size of a football. She’s only got 1 ovary. She saw her grandmother die in front of her.”

After the argument in the garden, Dan, Charlie and Jemima were in the bedroom.

“Sorry about what mum getting defensive," Charlie told Jemima.

“Don’t worry at all. Don’t feel like you need to protect your mum and she shouldn’t feel like she has to protect you," Jemima replied.

But this caused Dan to interrupt: “Jemima, you shouldn’t say that. Because Jackie was only doing what you would have done with your own daughter. That’s why I think Jackie got a bit involved. Because she was thinking well all I’m doing is protecting Charlie.”

“No but I think she protects Charlie a little too much sometime," Jemima continued, “I think people should be able to take on board other people’s opinions without interfering.”

Dan replied: “I think its more evident because there in the house together as a mother and daughter, it would probably be more evident if you were in the house with your daughter.”

The argument continued with Dan going to the garden, but Jemima followed him out and the argument escalated.

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