Big Brother 2013 housemates set 'Quarantine' shopping task


The Big Brother 2013 housemates have been set their second shopping task of the series, and it's a good one!

Something has caused a dangerous virus to be released in the Big Brother house. A group of ‘infected’ Housemates will be confined to quarantine, and must complete tasks to defeat the virus, earn antidotes, and prove they are not infected.

Housemates are told that the aim of this week’s shopping task is to cure as many of the virus infected Housemates as possible. The more housemates that are cured, the easier it will be to win their shopping in the final task.

With the infected Housemates kept in quarantine in the Large Task Room, the Small Task Room becomes the ‘Treatment Room.’ In this room the infected Housemates will be subjected to various treatments to cure them of the virus.

Once Housemates are cured they may leave Quarantine.

Earlier today, housemates were woken by a frenzied alarm and Zombies banging on the bedroom windows from the garden. Big Brother quickly gathered the Housemates in the seating area and played them an emergency bulletin VT.

Housemates watched a news bulletin showing a virus wreaking havoc on the Big Brother studios and spreading towards the house.

Green smoke poured in from the ceiling in the seating area and Big Brother informed the housemates that the virus has spread to House.

Housemates were only supplied six gas masks and quickly decided which Housemates will get to wear them. Wolfy, Charlie, Hazel, Daley, Callum and Joe.

Housemates with gas masks are safe from the virus and will be allowed to remain in the main parts of the House. Housemates without gas masks, Jack, Jemima, Jackie, Dexter, Dan, Sam, Sophie and Gina are now infected and were quickly be directed to the safe quarantined zone in the large task room.

Infected Housemates will remain in quarantine until they either cured of the virus through treatments or until the end of the task the next day.

It will be the job of the uninfected Housemates to treat those in Quarantine so they can help in the final task to earn as many luxury shopping items as possible!

As long as the Infected Housemates are in Quarantine they will only be supplied with a disgusting liquid food called medicine to live on. Uninfected Housemates will also enter the Quarantine zone from time to time to spray down the infected Housemates with a special virus suppressing mist.

If infected Housemates would like a cigarette they will have to crawl through a safety tunnel stretching from the Large Task Room through the Bedroom and into the garden.

In order to rid themselves of the virus, the infected housemates must complete one of several tasks over the next two days:

Upside-Down Antidote
Big Brother has developed an antidote for the virus by combining a collection of weird ingredients, but in order for this antidote to take effect, Housemates must be spun upside down after drinking it.

The ingredients for the antidote are laid out for the infected Housemate to see and will be all manner of disgusting things.

These special ingredients will be blended up in front of the infected Housemate along with green food dye to create a disgusting green antidote drink.

The infected Housemate is then strapped onto an inversion table. The Housemate will then have to drink 3 measures of the antidote, and will be flipped upside down in between each measure.

To successfully complete this treatment, the Housemate must drink the complete dose of the antidote along with the upside down therapy.

Adrenaline Therapy
Big Brother has found that if the body produces unnaturally high levels of adrenaline it is capable of fighting off the virus by itself. However, to produce such high levels of adrenaline is difficult to achieve and requires extreme forms of stimulation.

The infected Housemate will enter the treatment room and see tanks containing different scary and disgusting animals such as a Tarantula, snake, leeches and more.

The Housemate will be blindfolded and strapped to a chair and believe they are going to be touched by the terrifying animals they have just seen.

However, in reality the Housemate will only be touched with harmless items, such as a pineapple, a toilet brush and a cuddly hand puppet.

The Housemate is connected to a fake adrenaline meter and only when the meter is full will the Housemate be cured and can leave Quarantine.

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